A Family Owned Company

Established in 1968, Hart Trailer LLC remains privately owned and operated by the Hart family.  Over the years Hart has maintained a reputation for manufacturing quality trailers while becoming friends with our customers.  Safety, reliability, convenience, eye appeal and excellence are engineered into every feature of a Hart Trailer. 

The design features Hart incorporates in its trailer today have been continuously developed for more than 50 years in close cooperation with our customers and dealers.  Because Hart aspires for excellence in trailer manufacturing and service, we have been able to inspire confidence in our customers that they have made the right choice n purchasing a Hart Trailer.

Quality not quantity has always been the company's focus.  Hart has never had the desire to be the biggest trailer manufacturer, only the best.  Listening to our customers we find that they demand the finest that is available.  They recognize the true value of quality and for them, there is not substitute.  Our customers also know that while each trailer is custom designed to fit their individual needs, it carries the price tag of a mass produced unit.  Few will own one, but hundreds will want one.

Made in amercia

Meet the founders of Hart Trailer!  Anthony and Kay Hart started Hart Trailer in 1968 with a vision of manufacturing the best horse trailers in the industry.  After forty-eight years and a multitude of industry changes, their success has truly made a mark on the horse trailer business and custom manufacturing.  There's no question that they accomplished their original goal.  The trailers Hart Trailer LLC manufactures today are an example of what hard work and vision can evolve into and the tradition that can be carried on for generations in the Hart family.

A throwback to the original set up during the early days.  Things have changed but our values have remained the same.  Values that have been passed from one generation to the next.  Values that we are still proud of today.

I started working at Hart Trailers at the age of ten.  I drove my father crazy until he eventually handed me a broom one day and said "Go to work." Forty-three years ago I went to work and I've never looked back. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for what I get to do.  I love my job and I feel very blessed to be a part of such a great company.  A company with a deep history.  I am proud of the trailers that we build here at Hart and the relationships that we have formed over the decades with so many individual customers.

This is not just a job to me.  It is who I am and what I've spent my lifetime investing in.  My parents started this company in 1968 and they have spent their entire lives building it into the company that it is today.  I feel extraordinarily blessed to be able to carry on what they started so many years ago.

meet the harts

"Just bought our first ever Hart trailer.  Beautiful and solid front to back.  This is the trailer we will haul our kids dreams in...until they're grown"  -Marcy Smoots

"Top Quality from end to end.  The Hart Trailer is built with pride and craftsmanship.  The construction and design optimize comfort and safety for your horses.  Hart Trailers are a great investment!"
-Pat Burton

"My husband accidentally used the wrong size ball to pull our Hart 3h slant with our 2 mules inside. Trailer came disconnected on the interstate in a construction zone after a big bump. It hit the concrete barrier on the right then went across 2 lanes of traffic and hit the other barrier. Came back across the 2 lanes and hit the right barrier again before it stopped. Thanks to the wonderful construction of the Hart trailer, both my mules are fine. Few scrapes and scratches but otherwise fine. Trailer will need some repair and parts but it kept my girls safe."
-Barbara Shelton Buckley

"Class act and superior customer service! They take great care of their customers! "
-Heather Rymar

"Best horse trailers and customer service!!! "  -Tom Simpson

"Best built horse trailers you can buy. Very friendly staff at 'Hart'. "
-Buster McDaniel

"They are the best trailer."
-Don Menzer (Multiple Hart Trailer Owner)

"I have called this company several different times ordering parts for an older trailer. I have never waited even a full day for responses! They have answered me immediately and helped me with anything I needed. I know dealing with these old trailer parts is not their bread and butter but I appreciate a business that takes care of their product for years after they are sold."
-T.J. Smith

"Exceptional service and excellent people! Thank you!"
-Kathy M. Black

"After getting a tour of the factory I was completely SOLD on Hart's quality! Although initially looking at a demo trailer, I ended up buying a new one at the AQHA World Show. What a great trailer! Thanks Hart!"
-Sheri Troffer

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